Friday, November 28, 2008

All about engine

An engine is a mechanical device that produces some form of output from a given input.

An engine whose purpose is to produce kinetic energy output from a fuel source is called a prime mover; alternatively, a motor engine is a device which produces kinetic energy from a preprocessed "fuel" (such as electricity, a flow of hydraulic fluid or compressed air).

A motor car (automobile) has a starter motor and motors to drive pumps (fuel, power steering, etc) – but the power plant that propels the car is called an engine. The term 'motor' was originally used to distinguish the new internal combination engine -powered vehicles from earlier vehicles powered by a steam engine (as in steam roller and motor roller). Military engines included siege engines, large catapults, trebuchets and battering rams.

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Original Japanese automotive company, Yamaha Motor Co.. reported the middle of preparing sales navigation system - Global Positioning Systems (GPS), which is specifically designed for motorcycles. While the product is actually made by Garmin International, the company's navigation and communication leading, but still based on demand Yamaha.

GPS is a navigation system that use satellites. GPS receiver to obtain the signal from several satellites that mengorbit earth. GPS can provide position information on the surface of the earth and time with very high accuracy. GPS was used for war purposes, such as guiding the bomb, or know the position the team is located and audio conference calling for earning. GPS is now often used as a navigation tool such as the compass.

GPS-equipped owned Yamaha sound system instructions sent via the wireless transmitter (FM) to the Receiver that there is a rider in the helmets. This GPS system, including the transceiver and the holder will reputedly sold at 1,800 U.S. dollars. You interested?

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Motorcycle engine that uses injections, he said the difficult and more expensive. in fact the motorcycle with injection technology, more economical 10% in oil consumption than a motorcycle wearing carburettor, concerning treatment also easy because it does not need to dredge and straighten carburettor again, if a motorcycle carburettor take the service for 30 minutes then the motorcycle injection only takes time 15 minutes only.

It can be more economical than the injection carburettor?
That's because the measure is always right. from lap down to a comparison of the gasoline-air are always fit, According to information from the Edhi Sarwono, the Technical Service Training Manager PT AHM. Motorcycle shot many sensors that adjust the engine performance, debit fuel and air can be adjusted according to the needs of the gas openings. Other advantages, if a motorcycle carburettor depending on the condition of the environment, if a motorcycle is in place higher, it will be more extravagant. vice versa. but this does not affect the motorcycle injection. because of a sensor in a motorcycle shot to make the environment around the temperature, so the debit fuel also suitable local temperature.

Easy care
If the carburettor cleaned when the need to be demolished so that the time has not yet been demolished because it is often a risk that some components worn so vulnerable, especially Skep jacket. are for the type of motorcycle that use injection vulnerable longer treatment time, just 10-15 thousand kilometers once, it is enough in the wash with injector cleaner. even if the premium quality used good, the actual injection does not need to scotfree again. because besides sterile, AHM has also been given to the fine filter prior to the injector though clearly more secure Handy Hariko, Deputy GM Technical Service PT AHM.

Supra x 125 with the injection and carburettor, honda injection can reach 66 km / liter, compared with the Supra x 125 type carburettor which it is done as far as 59.3 km / liter. I is sufficient.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lowrider style

The picture below I get when browsing are some pictures loowrider style. Hopefully, can provide inspiration to create or modify your vehicle.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Streetfighter bike style

Below are some pictures motorcycle style street fighter. Hopefully, can provide inspiration to modify your motorcycle.