Sunday, January 31, 2010

More To Learn About Spark Plugs

Let us distinguish the important difference in spark plugs threaded ends. They come in four diameters and lengths. They come in nominal 14, 10, 12 and 18 millimeters diameters. Previously, there was a slight difference in thread configuration especially in different countries. However, the international standardization of the thread forms made it uniform. These new dimensions are now being followed by motorcycle parts manufacturers.

Usual Errors

There can be lots of error in selecting the best motorcycle parts especially in the case of spark plugs. The very usual error is using 3/4-inch plugs in 1/2 –inch holes. The result of the same is horrible.

When the plug threads are exposed in combustion, they become filled with deposits. Consequently, it will be hard to remove the plug without removing the hole threads. Quite the reverse, if you use a short plug to a deep hole, the deposit will fill the hole and it will be hard to re-install the right size plug.

The worst error is the use of overly-long plug. The exposed threads absorb great amount of heat from the combustion process which improve the plug-nose temperatures. As a consequence, the side electrode functions as a glow plug. Early ignition or runaway pre-ignition causes higher combustion chamber temperatures that can destroy the engine.

Heat Range Demands

Hot plugs come with a long insular nose. They lead heat high into the plug body before it returns to the cylinder head. Short-nosed plugs, on the other hand, have shorter heat path. Consulting the spark plug manufacturers regarding the plug’s heat range can be of great help.

This may somehow clear the cobwebs at the back of your mind regarding heat range demands. Knowing which plugs are colder or hotter may be easy if you stick to the same brand however, it becomes perplexing when you change from one brand to another.

There is more to spark plugs than the three aforementioned aspects. There are still areas that we need to master like its installations, different plug configurations and maintenance work. Nonetheless, we have to be first acquainted with these three aspects.

You must know more about spark plugs to pick the best type. Another, you have to complement your choice with your bike engine’s condition. These factors are hard to acquire and do, thus, we have to instill lots facts all at once. When you get it right, you will be greatly benefited.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Strut Bar For Stable Cornering

When you move around in your car you like to feel safe and comfortable. At the same time you also want to be able to get from one place to another as quickly as possible without compromising the safety of your drive. Now all cars are built so that they are safe. But if you use a performance car you need to drive them safely as well.

It is said that driving slow is the safer way to drive. But that is not always true and sometimes you need to be able to accelerate quickly to make it safer and sometimes you need to turn corners at a little high speed. When you have to turn corners at a higher speed then even if your car is safe you may feel a little alarmed if the car rolls a bit while it is turning.

Your instinct to feel alarmed is right and if during tight cornering you feel a sense of danger you should consider making the car more stable during cornering. You can easily do that by installing strut bars. To understand strut bars you need to understand that the car is a series of compromises between a large number of extremes.

For example if you want a comfortable ride each wheel should have an independent suspension.. That way when one wheel encounters a small bump, that wheel will absorb the bump and it will not be transmitted to the whole car. On the other hand if the suspension is too independent the car will roll a lot during turns as the suspension has too much flexibility. The strut bar links the suspensions so that this flexibility is reduced when the car is turning around a corner.

If you have a performance car the stability of the drive is important both from the performance and safety points of view. It therefore makes sense to understand products such as a strut bar and install them if they are required for your performance car. That way you will be able enjoy a higher level of performance with a higher degree of safety.

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