Saturday, October 25, 2008

About Riverside Garage

Riverside Garage is the name of a workshop in the city of Jember. It called on the Riverside Garage? If you think our location of the workshops are on the edge of the river is correct. But first, now we already have a permanent place. In a small garage at Jl. Kalimantan No.49b in the Back KPRI UNEJ Jember. Not to forget the history of the origin of our pioneer, we agree to use the name Riverside GARAGE workshop. Indonesian up language "Garasi Pinggir Sungai". 

Indeed, the name of the workshops we are not so popular with other words or less competitive with the name of the workshops. Our workshops place a bit alley entrance. But behind all the workshops we pour a lot of achievements in the arena of motorcycle modifications.

  1. Motor Service 
  2. Tab oil
  3. Modifications of all types of motorcycles
  4. Motorcycle and car paint
  5. bore up all types of motorcycles


Anonymous said...

Do you run your business the same way you run your website? Providing no value and complete distrust.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen more scraped content on a single website before. Thank god google see this and rewarded you with a page rank 0. At least google knows what your up to!

Alan said...


My name is Alan, and I've recently come across your blog riverside garage. I'd like to feature it on our site's home page, We already have a short list of Cool Blogs that we recommend to our customers, and I think yours should be included. This list is our way of giving back to our customers who have been supporting us all this time. Personally, I have found that this is a great way for people to meet and connect with others who share the same passion.

I noticed that you have a blogroll. Do you mind putting us in that list? If you can, that would be great. Please let me know.

I'll look forward to your answer. Have a wonderful week and continue the great work on your blog!


Alan said...

Hi Riverside,
Thank you for putting our website in your blog.
I have added your site with the title Riverside Garage at the category Blogs
in our links page

Have a nice a week!

Thanks and Regards,

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This is a complete rubbish.
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