Sunday, October 26, 2008

History rear view mirror

Many motorcycle rider take rear view mirror as a mere display, there is also considered a rear view mirror to make motorcycles look cool or less okay. So that the motorcycle rider often remove or change the rear view mirror rear view mirror. But unfortunately rear view mirror is not working. That is very dangerous for the rider and also endanger the other motorist.

I think your history rear view mirror? Here history rear view mirror. First in the early 1900 when the car is still new goods, new cars and racing began to grow, each participant racing car mechanics always bring.
Mechanical task is to improve the car if damaged during the race. With the increasing development of technology, machines, so the car more sophisticated and less mechanical damage and no longer needed.

Mechanical function is then changed to "observer" that help the driver. So then this mechanical duty to observe the situation in the back of their car, so drivers can know if there are other cars that will peseerta "passing" them. Every car that participated in the era of car racing is always carries two passengers, one pilot car on duty and one duty to observe the situation behind them.
Then, in the year 1911 race in the Indianapolis 500, one of the participants find it difficult to become a mechanical observers to monitor the situation behind. As the exit and then he put the car in the mirror. By using this mirror he can see if there are other participants that the race will precede or nyalip. Because the burden that transported more light, the car can be way more quickly and ultimately he won the race. In the next year all the participants of the race car rearview mirror installed in their cars, and since that time all the cars using the rear view mirror.

So make the motorcycle rider not wearing a rear view mirror and not meet the rear view standard, the pair first rear view mirror that really works. Do not not use rear view mirror, or just a rear view mirror display only. A dangerous rider and I also let the police. have the girl from the pack of police.


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