Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yamaha YFZ450R - No 1 ATV Racing

If you thought last season’s all-conquering YFZ450 was impossible to top, get ready for a shock: enter the new race-ready 2009 YFZ450R. Totally uncompromising engineering makes this the most competitive sports ATV ever, with instant race-winning potential straight out of the box.

Its new, massively rigid but lightweight chassis of cast aluminum and steel holds the free-breathing 5-valve DOHC liquid-cooled 449cc single cylinder engine low in the chassis. Though the suspension is wider and longer than the ’08 YFZ450, the YFZ450R is shorter than its predecessor. That gives it a more agile, nimble feel. Increased wheel travel and longer suspension arms give a wider stance without compromising YFZ450R’s overall balance. New tread-pattern tyres make turn-in even more incisive. There’s a lightweight 220mm ‘wave’ brake disc and a whole new multi-adjustable spring and damper package. New rider ergonomics maximise rider comfort.

The 32-bit fuel injected engine, gearbox, clutch and exhaust have been heavily modified to deliver the perfect combination of holeshot acceleration and smooth power right through the rev range. Lubrication is done through an in-crankcase dry sump system, preventing oil starvation under fast cornering, while keeping weight low and mass centralized.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cheap car insurance

At this time a lot of car theft. therefore many of which offer car insurance. So many insurance so we are confused how to get a cheap car insurance and safe.

Although the cost of car insurance has revealed it is reported, 75% of car owners not to change policy insurance (insurance policy) or at least ask to get the insurance policy is more economical.

How to save cost car insurance?

Compare the policy rate on the web, this process takes approximately 30 minutes approximately. First see the first example the example the price of insurance that operates in the state where you live.

Shopping around every 2 years, insurance companies target range of types of drivers and offers the cheapest rate based on the condition of the owner / driver the car.

You are a prospective payer insurance premium cost, if:

1) You do not have records or delete records in the point of your driver's license.
2) One of the cars pulled out of your policy.
3) Your child is no longer driving your car.
4) Your car is no longer used for long distance.

Policy maximum discount you. Discount can cut half your premium, most insurance companies offer a discount up to 20%. In general, they do not let this point that can lower your premium, but you should be asking, for example:

1) There is a tool, such as anti-thief Alarm, Lo Jack
2) ABS (Anti lock brakes)
3) Low Mileage
4) Air bags
5) Car-pool drivers
6) Non-Smokers
7) Graduates driving school
8) Multiple policy
9) Do not have an accident in 3 years
10) old age drivers who do not drive at day
11) Where is the car indicate that, as between a city that often differ with the other prices are striking.

Ask special discount for the group as a group:

Organization Retirement, Credit Union, Alumni association, the holder of a credit card

Limit unnecessary coverage.

1) elevated deductable from $ 200 to $ 300 can lower your premium as much as 30%
2) Consider the limit for the collision and comprehensive coverage if your car is paid off Pay is paid) or have more than 4 years old, or worth less than $ 4000 .-

Buy a car that is safe and low numbers kecuriannya statistically. If you have a car that is famous and often cause accidents on the very gandrungi car thief, you never need to wonder who will get the premium sky.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lamborghini Reventon

Lamborghini Reventon special indeed. In addition to the car as the most expensive produced Italy's premium manufacturer of sport, the car is also only produced as much as 20 units.

Car production version of the first, was sent to Las Vegas early this sunday. Not surprisingly in Las Vegas because there are official Lamborghini dealer. It is very unlikely if the purpose of this will only be displayed in the dealer's. Section before the car was first introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the year, twenty units that are out of stock.

Other advantage of the Lamborghini Reventon is certain to be on speed. With the 6.5 liter V12 engine, capable of producing up to 640 hp. With this energy, Reventon can speed berakselerasi from 0 to 100 km / hour in 3.4 seconds. While the maximum speed that can be generated is 337.6 km / hr.

Model Lamborghini seemed typical of the strong exterior design of the Reventon shows lines that also produce muscle aerodynamics high. Two doors open to close lift system, the effect of the car as a special Reventon. Not to mention the interior is equipped with an illumination light on the panel. Harmonize black colors the firm, the panel illumination, as if to balance the strong character design and color with the attitude softness.

A subsidiary of Audi AG membanderol this Reventon of USD 3 million or as much Rp12, 9 billion. Philosophy Reventon Buffalo taking a character who ran for the plow prey. Lamborghini Reventon so called as a buffalo that will make progress.