Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yamaha YFZ450R - No 1 ATV Racing

If you thought last season’s all-conquering YFZ450 was impossible to top, get ready for a shock: enter the new race-ready 2009 YFZ450R. Totally uncompromising engineering makes this the most competitive sports ATV ever, with instant race-winning potential straight out of the box.

Its new, massively rigid but lightweight chassis of cast aluminum and steel holds the free-breathing 5-valve DOHC liquid-cooled 449cc single cylinder engine low in the chassis. Though the suspension is wider and longer than the ’08 YFZ450, the YFZ450R is shorter than its predecessor. That gives it a more agile, nimble feel. Increased wheel travel and longer suspension arms give a wider stance without compromising YFZ450R’s overall balance. New tread-pattern tyres make turn-in even more incisive. There’s a lightweight 220mm ‘wave’ brake disc and a whole new multi-adjustable spring and damper package. New rider ergonomics maximise rider comfort.

The 32-bit fuel injected engine, gearbox, clutch and exhaust have been heavily modified to deliver the perfect combination of holeshot acceleration and smooth power right through the rev range. Lubrication is done through an in-crankcase dry sump system, preventing oil starvation under fast cornering, while keeping weight low and mass centralized.


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