Tips on how to drive safety and politely on the road ... There is the tips:
  1. Doing do'a before departing. 
  2. To travel far, if the term biker, so touring. Should use helmets, jackets, body Protector, masks, gloves, pants and shoes,
  3. Use half face helmets or full face and earn some SNI logo. Never use the helmet of war     (that the helem surprisingly rich cap),
  4. To protect the chest and use the body Protector as a protective outer jacket. shoes,
  5. Air pollutant's not good, so gunkanlah mask,
  6. Use the standard length trousers are not too big footstep the are.  (Should be based jeans because it is very effective in avoiding colds).
  7. When the big, all aside and find a safe place to rest,
  8. Do not drive in pangaruh-drinking liquor,
  9. Avoid drinking beverages-supleman. Because the effects of these drinks are only temporary. Better drink water and sugar. 
  10. Avoid the use Handsfree,
  11. When the road and damaged roads are open only lunge. This aims to avoid accidents.
  12. Can drag, we love the original field and road conditions. If sensitive drag on a quiet road to another motorist does not feel. 
Self-driving tips that only the good and complacent from me. Hopefully useful for you. If there are additional please and when not, or one word in it is truly please, and I apologize that as much as possible. biker regard! 

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