Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Harley Davidson History

If you have been to Vegas, or seen any of the thousands of movies set in Vegas, then you have probably seen the mammoth Harley Davidson that sticks out of the front of the Hard Rock Café. Believe it or not, in true Harley Davidson style, this motorcycle would actually be operational if there was a Paul Bunyan alive to ride it.

If you know the history of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle’s creation, you would understand why its creators, who believed anything was possible, would not have it any other way. Harley Davidson was born when two 21 year old Milwaukee boys decided it was too much work to ride a pedal powered bike up and down the hills of Milwaukee in 1901.

It took one failed effort, and a lot of work, but finally William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson (hence the brand name) with the help of Davidson’s older brother and an engineer down the street created the first fully motored bicycle that became the first Harley to ever grace the street of America. Although the bike frame was thin and sheet metals as all bicycles were at the time, and the engine weighed 28 pounds, it was successfully able to carry the boys up the hills and so an American staple was born.

Since then the bike has only soared in popularity and been both a standard of the hard rock life and a symbol of manhood. Not only has the owning a Harley been a class distinction among motorcyclists, but now the logo itself has spread like wildfire as Harley Davidson makes about 5% of its annual revenue from the sale of items inscribed with the logo. There simply is no other motorcycle that can compete with the Harley, on the road or in people’s hearts.

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