Thursday, December 11, 2008

Technology Motorcycle Electricity

TECHNOLOGY engine friendly environment at the same time economical fuel is no longer just a dream of the future. Now a number of factories have developed automotive vehicles environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, the car-fueled electricity is not yet marketed by the manufacturer because the author has not been profitable. 

The development of electric vehicles began to show sign of good commercial had occurred on the type of bicycle or motorcycle. Two-wheeled vehicles equipped with electricity increasingly popular in Japan, China and countries in the United States and Europe. 

Appropriate name, the source of energy bicycle and electric motorcycle is, yes, electric current of electricity. Moreover, the actual technology that is available in two-wheeled car is relatively simple. Essentially, only to change electrical energy into energy movement in the rear wheel. 

According to Mario Rivaldi, General Manager of PT Indonesia Betrix, electric motorcycles are divided into two types according to the system operation. The first type, a motorcycle use the system Power On Demand (POD). She, with this technology, the operation of the electric motorcycle motor skutik similar to the many outstanding in the market. "Just pull the gas, the motor will be done," said Mario. 

There are more technology Power Assist System (PAS). In this type, rider must pedal to pedal first turn the dynamo. "Just with only two stroke, the engine will start working dynamo," said Mario also mentioned that the products have Betrix variants for the second-variant system. 

Normally, electric motorcycle is using the three main components, namely battery, dynamo, and the speed regulator. Batteries will be a source of electricity, as a substitute fuel oil used by motor duck normal. Electricity from the battery will be connected with the controller that will flow. One of the tides dynamo to the tersalur. Dinamo is further propel the wheels back. 

Of course, the electric motor create dispose of not removing the gas. In addition, the normal noise that sounded when the gas withdrawn also disappeared. In the condition that a full battery, electric motor output Modern Group, E-Moto, can travel up to 80 kilometers distance with a maximum speed of 50 km per hour. After that, to be prime battery must be charged with PLN electricity for eight hours. 

With electricity tariffs as now, the cost for charging the battery fully only spend money to Rp 900. Compare with the consumption of conventional gasoline motorcycle, which takes 2 liters of gas to travel the same distance. 

However, this cost-efficient vehicles also have weaknesses. Electrical systems are still vulnerable to damage the technical. Battery, for instance, only to survive two years. Hence, the electric motor user must treat the patient leaves the battery can be a maximum period of demand. One of the battery before filling out correct. Battery on the market price ranges between Rp 600,000 to Rp 700,000.


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