Thursday, June 4, 2009

Principles of Diesel Engines

Diesel engine fuel are categorized in the piston and combustion in the engine (internal combustion engine) (simplenya usually called the "fuel mobor" only). Prosip of diesel motor is the chemical energy into mechanical energy. Chemical energy in the process get through reakasi chemical (combustion) of fuel (diesel) and oksidiser (air) in the cylinder (burn room).

In the diesel engine room can consist of one or more depending on its use in a cylinder and can consist of one or two piston. In general, in a single-cylinder diesel motor has only one piston.

Principles of Work

Pressure of combustion gas and air material bakan akan encourage piston that is connected with the crankshaft using a piston rod, so that the piston can move back and forth (reciprocating). Movement back and forth will be changed to piston movement by rotating crankshaft (crank shaft). Movement and the crankshaft rotation is also changed to and fro movement in the piston compression step.

Based on analyzing the way the system works, diesel motor can be divided into two, the diesel motor that uses airless injection system (solid injection) is analyzed with a dual-cycle and diesel motor that uses water injection system is analyzed with the diesel cycle (while motor gasoline analyzed with

The difference between the motor and diesel motor fuel that is located on the real process of burning fuel, motor gasoline, the burning of fuel occurs due to an electrical vault fire generated by a two-electrode spark plugs (spark plug), while the diesel motor combustion temperature increase occurs because the mixture air and fuel due to compression piston to achieve a flame temperature. Because the principles of ignition fuel pressure due to the diesel motor is also referred to as compression ignition engines, while motor gasoline, called spark ignition engines.


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