Wow, sedan car plant with the 5400 cc 12-cylinder is not only convincing in the performance that reaches 322 hp. But also the interior is very luxurious with 24 carat gold decoration.

This is a vehicle the king of pop Michael Jackson.

Vehicle that is a collection of luxury vehicles that have at Jacko.. Silver Seraph Rolls Royce Limousine 1999 I want it... My dream wishes can be realized..


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Hilariously, the main character of the show is named JAG, and yet, our beloved real Matt Dillon is nowhere in consideration (he's busy starring in Armored and JAG DVD). The studio wants Pitt because he was pretty convincing in The Assassination of Jesse James, while Ryan Reynolds wants on board because he apparently playing both The Green Lantern and JAG DVD COLLECTION isn't keeping him busy enough.

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