Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to remove sticker

Do you have any bumper stickers on your car that just won’t come off? If so, below are some tips on how to get every single bit of the sticker off.

If you have particularly difficult bumper stickers that need removing, try these tips:

Run to the hardware store and get some lubricant. WD40 will usually do the trick.Justify Full Smear the lubricant on the outside of your sticker. If you’re lucky, you may be able to pull the sticker off and be done with the job.

If most, but not all, of the sticker came off and left tiny paper bits behind, run to the kitchen and pick up a spatula or out to the garage and grab some fishing line. You can use either of them to gently scrape off the remaining sticky parts of the bumper sticker.

If the methods above don’t fully remove the bumper sticker, try some of these ideas:

Grab a hairdryer. Yes, you read right: a hairdryer. Get an extension cord, and turn that blower right on to the bumper sticker. The heat from the dryer will moisten and possibly melt the old adhesive that’s attaching the sticker to your car. Put it on high heat. Slowly pull the sticker up, moving the hairdryer along the sticker as you slowly pull the sticker up.

To remove any remaining adhesive sticking to your bumper, get some rubbing alcohol and a cloth that is lint free and gently rub the alcohol on the sticker. This should work very well if your sticker is on your windshield or a window. If you’re concerned the alcohol might damage your paint’s finish, warm soapy water should work just as well. –To completely remove bumper stickers, you need to have a bit of patience - the last remaining adhesive on bumpers is notoriously difficult to remove completely.

Polish and/or wax should do a good job of removing the sticker’s shadow the discolored outline where the sticker once was from the bumper.


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