Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mitsubishi Lancer GS3 1.8

Mitsubishi Lancer GS3 1.8 not only brings out a gear in sporty driving dynamics but also many additional convenience and comfort features. All the following features come as standard over the GS2. And there's still e 6-speed CVT automatic on petrol models available which will cost additional money.

Key features at a glance (compared to GS2) :

•18" Alloy Wheels
•140 PS turbo-diesel engine
•Sports Suspension
•Climate Controlled Air Conditioning
•Cruise Control
•Front Strut Tower Bar
•Privacy Glass
•6-speed gearbox
•Stability & Traction Control
•Front Fog Lamps

To mention more, the sculpted dashboard and clear instruments look very good and there's also lots of space in the car for both passenger and stuff. It drives well enough,accurate and planted. The 1.8 litre engine comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox, despite that the motor's 141BHP gives very decent performance – 9.8sec to reach 62mph will be more than rapid for the Lancer's likely conservative clientele. Because Mitsubishi Lancer GS3 1.8 takes less than 10 seconds to break 62mph. Apart from the newly added bigger alloy wheel, climate control, a bodykit, privacy glass as well as sportier, beefed-up suspension, GS3 includes all the kit from GS2. It has no unruly behavior if you try the same with the ESP turned off-the cornering line tightens up nicely in response to a lifted throttle. Grip levels are very nice. Other than it's image as a well-behaved, grown-up chassis, but it's not as lively to drive as the Ford Focus, and refinement over poor road surfaces is also noticeably bad. The extra kit is certainly very attractive, but what it all does it to push prices up to a probably unattractive level. Just avoid the CVT transmission: it dents performance, fuel economy in addition to refinement. All in all, Mitsubishi Lancer GS3 1.8 is the cheapest Lancer Sportback with standard climate control and curtain airbags. Both are hugely very welcome in something that could well be in a family car, and that makes this one of favorite versions of Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.


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