Friday, October 16, 2009

More On Dirt Bike Safety

Safety is one of the prime things to be considered in dirt bike racing. Dirt bikers or even someone considering taking up dirt biking as a hobby or sport have to be aware of it.

Courses on Safety

Thanks to the ever-increasing number of people getting into dirt biking, these days it is even possible to enroll for courses in dirt bike safety. For a new rider who is planning to take up dirt biking, these courses would prove invaluable. For someone who is not well prepared and does not take safety seriously, dirt biking can be quite dangerous simply because not only is your own safety at stake, but you are also putting every other rider around you at risk.

Wear the Necessary Safety Accessories

Dirt bikes can be quite powerful. Imagine leaping several feet into the air and not wearing the proper kind of helmet! If you bike kicks out, you can have an accident that can be near fatal because your head will have little or no protection.

Most experienced riders advise getting the correct kind of equipment. You should make sure that you wear all the essential accessories, such as a helmet, right kind of clothes to protect your upper body, trousers clothing the legs and riding boots to guard the feet and ankles. These have to be padded at the appropriate places. Gears of inferior quality material make you run the risk of serious injury in case of an accident.

Well fitting clothes ensure safety. Loose fitting clothes tend to flap around or get caught in the wheels and the bike’s engine parts or may tug at the handlebars. The helmet must sit right on your head so that it does not roll off.

Keep Your Bike in Good Condition

Other than clothing, your bike must be constantly checked to ensure that it is in good condition. All parts must be well oiled and replaced in all weather conditions. A faulty part can make the difference between life and death, especially at high speeds. Brakes, steering and suspension must be in perfect working condition. Dirt biking involves steep drops that can make you crumble on impact.

The bike must be thoroughly tested and checked every time you go out dirt biking or dirt bike racing. A test ride is absolutely mandatory to ensure comfort while riding at high speeds and sudden braking. Experienced bikers instinctively know exactly what to do in special situations.

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