Monday, August 9, 2010

Who is a Better Driver, Men Or Women?

Invented only a century ago, cars have become the rulers of the roads. It is now impossible to imagine lives without cars, buses planes and many other mode of transportation. The demand for vehicles is ever increasing, and the car dealer marketing is now shifting towards broader online marketing through car dealer websites.

Like everything else, automobile manufacturers are not making any gender based car. However, many people like to call small and cute ones as a chick car. But even these cars match up to their muscular counterpart in terms of speed and performance. Many have proven that beauty and speed is a concept beyond size. Yet, the debate over who is better driver among men and women is never ending.

Most answers regarding this debate tend to be extremely biased. However, one must understand that driving is not about a person's strength or size. It is about the way one reacts to a situation, and the way one takes decision. Now, obviously not all men are the same neither all the women. So, it can be assumed that driving skills and performance vary from person to person rather than genders.

Most people argue about the fact that it is no more a male-oriented society, and that women today have proven to be equally capable of anything. However, from time to time we have learned that it is not the society that suffers from male dominance, it is its mentality. Despite proving themselves in every aspect and profession, women are still the weaker sex, thus assumed to be incapable of doing things which once they were not allowed to.

Of course, we can link this assumption back to the medieval times when women were not as good as men were in riding horses just because they weren't given equal opportunity to learn. But today statistics have shown that women drivers are involved in less road accidents than men. Yet, this still does not prove women to be the superior drivers. The reason behind this fact is that men, especially in their younger years, are more outrageous and ignorant. On the other hand women, in any age, are cautious and careful.

The difference of behavior is not the only thing that makes things hard to deliberate. Studies have proven that male and female brains function differently in different situations. For instance, men are likely to take quick and short term decisions while women take time and come up with long term decisions.

The ability to think quickly does come handy while in an abrupt traffic situation. Yet, it is still hard to tell which is better, making quick wrong decision or being right but late. However, it will not be wrong to say that today there are many men and women who defy the odds. There are a lot of women who can think quickly and also a few men who put a lot of time and emotion in their final decisions.

So, once again the battle of sexes ends without any definite winner. But, if you own an insurance company, make sure you charge your male prospects a little more than the females. No gender bias intended, it is just a friendly business advice.


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