Tuesday, April 28, 2009

YZR-M1 800 cc has improved

Although the series is able to become champion MotoGP Sachsenring circuit in Germany, Sunday (15 / 7), Valentino Rossi, but choose to behave merendah. He asks for Yamaha to keep working hard to improve the performance YZR-M1 800 cc. Section, Casey Stoner's more mature and difficult defeated.

Rossi has a really good record in the race when the Sachsenring circuit, as a champion two times in a row in 2005 and 2006. Achievement even very fenomenal years ago, because he was the race from position 11 and start to finis the first time with the benefits of very thin seconds from 0145 Marco Melandri.

"Sachsenring is always been my favorite. Sirkuitnya have a lot of bend, but the speed of a motorcycle can digeber up to 250 km / hour. All tikungannya challenging drivers to issue expertise, "said Rossi.

Circuit located in the former East German state has a length 3671 m. Tracks lurusnya only 780 m so it was not possible to drive the motorcycle up to speed in a long time. Tikungannya more than to the left to right, 10 left and the right 4. The most challenging is sirkuitnya very narrow width of 10 m. Based on this character, a motorcycle that has a large middle-energy has the opportunity to become a champion, such as Yamaha and Honda.

Ducati MotoGP project director, Livio Suppo, call Sachsenring circuit as the track is weird, very narrow and has a long straight track. The character is a little difficult to find in the Ducati team is fit for the Desmosedici GP7.

However, Livio Suppo, Casey Stoner is optimistic but can reach the first platform. Stoner own states, and his Ducati engineers are still learning how to find the right setting. Especially in circuits that are not in accordance with the Ducati engine which explode-ledak.
German MotoGP race will take place during the lap 30 with a position opposite to the clockwise direction. This condition of course requires stamina and a high concentration. Stoner recognize this as one of the obstacles that make him who does not compete well at the Sachsenring circuit. In 2006, Stoner is not able to complete the race due to drop. The only great achievement is that he be podium position in race 3 at 125 cc class in 2003.

"I believe this year will be different. This is because the cooperation with the Ducati Bridgestone is the better. Japanese manufacturer of tires that successfully create a stable and has a grip on the curve, "said Stoner.

Bridgestone will supply tires behind Stoner with 16-inch 16.5-inch size instead. Ban is claimed to have a larger footprint so it is able to stick in the steady trajectory. Moreover, Sachsenring circuit 14 has a curve that requires the thicker


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